Ryan Seacrest Is Launching a Men's Skin-Care Line

Ryan Seacrest Red Carpet - P 2015
AP Images

Ryan Seacrest Red Carpet - P 2015

He's following in Rob Lowe's well-groomed footsteps.

Judging by his former frosted tips and men’s suiting label, it was probably only a matter of time until Ryan Seacrest got into the beauty biz. And while the fruits of his labor won't be hitting the market until late next year, the TV host and producer has announced an official partnership with dermatologist Dr. Harold Lancer on a forthcoming men’s skin-care line.

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Seacrest is a longtime patient of the Beverly Hills derm, who also treats megawatt stars including Kim Kardashian and Beyonce, so it’s understandable he would want to pair with him on the range. Lancer also has his own popular line, The Lancer Method, and will be using principles from those formulations in the new products. This announcement follows Rob Lowe’s own men’s skin-care launch, Profile 4 Men, which came out this fall with Nordstrom.

"It’s no secret that guys are increasingly embracing the benefits and value of grooming, as well as openly talking about it," said Seacrest in a release. "I’ve always credited Dr. Lancer with my own efforts to maintain a youthful appearance, leveraging his skin-care regimen. So, when we talked about potentially launching this business together, it makes sense on every level."

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While no specific products have been announced, the two industry leaders surely will come up with must-haves for men who strive to stop the clock. After all, said Lancer Skincare, LLC CEO Tracey Sameyah, "Backed by Dr. Lancer’s solid foundation as a world-renowned dermatologist and Ryan’s incredible global reach, their vision for this emerging segment will be a game-changer for the men’s grooming industry." Considering the fervor with which Seacrest promotes his tuxes, especially around awards season, we can imagine he’ll spend similar camera time on this venture.