Ryan Seacrest Reveals a Recent Addition to His Daily Workout Routine

One of Hollywood's most notorious multitaskers also recently started a new menswear line

Between being the longtime face of American Idol, hosting a radio show, producing a number of television programs and starting a new clothing line — Ryan Seacrest Distinctions — you would think that Ryan Seacrest would not have time for anything else.  

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"I work it into the calendar like it is the most important meeting of the day," Seacrest says of exercising, which he considers to be an integral part of every one of his already packed days.

The media mogul, who sat down with The Hollywood Reporter to discuss suit styles and the return of the men's power suit, said his workouts consist of constant movement and circuit training. "Recently, I have been jumping up, doing box jumps," he says. 

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"I hate the people who do that," jokes Fox Broadcasting COO Joe Earley, who also sat down with THR and Seacrest to talk about Hollywood's business attire. "Every time I am making some progress, somebody comes in and jumps on boxes."