Sacha Baron Cohen Reveals 'Dictator' Red Band Trailer (Video)

General Aladeen delivers a baby, talks 9/11 in new preview.

From pouring Kim Jong Il’s purported ashes on Ryan Seacrest at the Academy Awards to endorsing Dominique Strauss-Kahn as the next president of France, the world has already seen plenty of Sacha Baron Cohen’s new character ahead of The Dictator’s May 16 release.

But in a newly released red band trailer, Paramount reveals more of the raunchy subject matter behind the film. The new clip combines previously seen footage with a few 9/11 jokes, sexual advances toward Anna Faris’ character and even a baby delivery scene.

“I’m sorry, bad news,” he says. “It’s a girl. Where’s the trash can?”

Cohen’s latest film, directed by Larry Charles, is believed to be based on the self-aggrandizing novel by Saddam Hussein (with a satirical twist), in which Cohen plays the privileged and sociopathic ruler of the North African nation of Wadiya.

From his revision of his native language to tilted Olympics, he's a character that is both farcical and a comment on the grandiose monuments and inane, ego-stroking power trips so often embarked upon by true radical dictators.

Watch the red band trailer above.