Safdie Brothers Complete Filming 'Heaven Knows What'

Indie filmmakers Josh and Benny Safdie have concluded principal photography on their latest feature, co-produced by Iconoclast Films and their new production company Elara Pictures.

Filmmaking brothers Josh and Benny Safdie have completed principal photography on a new feature, Heaven Knows What, that blends documentary elements with fictional storytelling.

The project stars Arielle Holmes, a non-actor whom the directors discovered and recruited to play a fictional version of herself alongside actor Caleb Landry Jones. The two portray a New York City couple battling addiction in the midst of a love affair. The Safdies wrote the screenplay with Ronald Bronstein, who starred in their 2009 film Go Get Some Rosemary, which screened at the 2010 Sundance Film Festival under the title Daddy Longlegs.

Heaven Knows What is a co-production between Iconoclast Films and Elara Pictures, a new production company formed by the Safdies, Sebastian Bear-McClard and Oscar Boyson.