Lauren Bacall, John Turturro Come Out for SAG-AFTRA Merger (Exclusive)

SAG AFTRA Logo - P 2012

SAG AFTRA Logo - P 2012

Meanwhile, Jon Cryer and Tony Shalhoub speak out in favor, while anti-merger forces hold another protest.

Lauren Bacall and John Turturro have joined the pro-merger bandwagon, The Hollywood Reporter has learned. Their names will be added to the list of endorsers on the unions’ site Thursday night.

Also supporting merger – and blasting the anti-merger lawsuit filed earlier this week – are Jon Cryer and Tony Shalhoub.

“It’s amazing that the very people who are yelling for the democratic process are now trying to stop the entire membership from voting,” Cryer said to THR. He added that defending the suit “will waste an enormous amount of rank and file members' money.”

Shalhoub said acidly, “Haven’t we been here before? These are the same people who filed a lawsuit against the union in 2008 only to see it thrown out of court repeatedly.” He added, “This isn't about justice or fairness. It's about the personal grudges of a handful of members who didn't get their way.”

In other developments, anti-merger forces held a third rally Thursday in front of SAG and AFTRA’s headquarters in Los Angeles. About 50 picketed, an increase from the approximately 30 that showed up the previous week. Among the attendees were former guild president Alan Rosenberg, and Frances Fisher, Scott Wilson, Dave Clennon and Warren Berlinger.

Also, the anti-merger website, mentioned in the opposition statement that will be mailed out as part of the ballot referendum, is now online.


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