SAG/AFTRA Merger Opposition Statement Obtained (Exclusive)

Chris Godley

The ballot packets will also include the unions’ statement, a rebuttal, and various merger documents.

The proposed SAG/AFTRA merger plan “solves almost nothing and adds too many inherent problems,” according to the final draft of a merger opposition statement, a copy of which was obtained by The Hollywood Reporter. The statement will be included in ballot packets to be sent to paid up members of SAG and AFTRA.

(Update: The unions subsequently posted the entire referendum booklet, with pro, con and rebuttal statements.)

Almost half of the four-page, thousand-word document focuses on a key issue that opponents have stressed, the impact of merger on pension and health benefits. Other issues addressed include dues structure, background actors and bargaining power.

If not delayed by a potential lawsuit, merger ballots are scheduled to go out on or about February 27, with a return date of March 30. The ballot packets will include:

  • the unions’ statement in favor of merger,
  • the opposition statement,
  • a rebuttal from the unions,
  • the merger agreement,
  • proposed constitution,
  • and a feasibility study regarding merger of the two unions’ pension and health plans.

THR prepared a comprehensive analysis of the latter three documents when they were released, which remains the only public analysis of the almost 140 pages of documents.

The opposition statement is signed by Scott Bakula, Joe d’Angerio, Elliott Gould, Valerie Harper, Ed Harris, Anne-Marie Johnson, David Jolliffe andMartin Sheen.


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