SAG and AFTRA Launch Merger Website

SAG AFTRA Logo - P 2012

SAG AFTRA Logo - P 2012

The website contains a variety of information, including videos and a list of upcoming informational meetings.

SAG and AFTRA took to the web Friday, launching a website for the unions’ merger campaign at, as well as a Facebook page and Twitter account.

The website contains an FAQ (frequently asked questions), news, events and videos, an instructions on hosting house parties. There are twelve FAQs: three on general subjects and nine on pension and health issues.

It also includes a copy of the merger materials (merger agreement, proposed constitution, and a feasibility study regarding merger of the two unions’ pension and health plans). As previously reported, these were released earlier in the week. The Hollywood Reporter prepared a comprehensive analysis of the documents when they were released, which remains the only public analysis of the almost 140 pages of documents.

The events listed include upcoming informational meetings in Los Angeles on February 9, New York on February 21, and others in the Washington, DC area, Chicago and San Francisco through the end of the month. The ballot materials, including an opposition statement, will be sent to the two unions’ membership for a vote on or about February 27, with a return and tabulation deadline of March 30.


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