SAG-AFTRA Party Unveils Board Candidates

Gabrielle Carteris - SAG-AFTRA Foundation Patron of the Artists Awards 2017 -Getty-H 2018

The group is fielding a large slate in Los Angeles and New York.

The SAG-AFTRA party headed by incumbent union president Gabrielle Carteris, known as Unite for Strength in Los Angeles and regionally and as USAN in New York, on Friday announced its candidates for the union’s boards. As previously reported, the ticket is headed by Carteris’ re-election campaign and Camryn Manheim’s bid for national secretary-treasurer.

Running for Los Angeles president is national board member Michelle Hurd. Los Angeles vp candidates are national board member Ellen Crawford and Los Angeles national vp Clyde Kusatsu.

In New York, national executive vp and New York president Rebecca Damon is running for re-election as New York president. Whether she will also run for executive vp again is unknown, as that position is filled at the union’s October convention, not by direct election. Seeking re-election as New York vp’s are national board member Maureen Donnelly, NY vp Jim Kerr, national board member Ezra Knight and NY national vp Liz Zazzi.

"I couldn’t be more proud of my fellow Unite for Strength and USAN candidates," Carteris said in a statement. "This remarkable group of both veteran and new leaders boasts some of the finest minds in our union. I personally know that they are of diverse backgrounds and passionate about moving our union forward in a manner that best protects our members as technological advancements impact our contracts and work. Our national coalition understands that we must fight for fair wages, improved safety and increased residuals."

Election ballots will be mailed to members July 29 and tabulated Aug. 28. The opposition MembershipFirst slate, headed by Matthew Modine for president, has not yet announced its secretary-treasurer or board candidates. Current secretary-treasurer Jane Austin, a former MF member, is running for president as an independent and has not announced whether she will have slate mates.

"I’ve been around the block enough times to know a winning strategy when I see it," said Manheim. "And Unite for Strength / USAN is on the right track. This is not the time to go soft on our dealings with big media, or to send the message that our union is divided. We need to move forward, not backward. The good old days are not here again. These are radically different days, in terms of technology and media consolidation. We need to embrace the future. It is ours."

"Our industry has seen a seismic shift," said Hurd, the candidate for Los Angeles president. "Gone are the days when predators target our members with impunity. I am proud to serve with Gabrielle Carteris and the SAG-AFTRA leaders who are tackling this problem head on. As your Los Angeles president, I will work closely with our elected, staff and community leaders to build on recent victories to end the scourge of sexual harassment and foster mutual respect and true equality. Unite for Strength and USAN leaders are passionate about protecting our members, especially those who are most vulnerable. #TimesUp"

"Make no mistake," said Damon. "The industry we work in is at a crossroads and we need leaders with innovative solutions and a dose of common sense. As evolving technologies offer new opportunities, the battle we must win is true control over our very images and voices. 21st Century performers will need both contractual and legislative protections, and these USAN and UFS candidates are in the fight. I stand with them."

UFS Los Angeles national board candidates: Bobbie Bates, Gabrielle Carteris, Tom Choi, Chantal Cousineau, Ellen Crawford, Michael Cudlitz, Hal Eisner, Patrick Fabian, Kate Flannery, Spencer Garrett, Adam Goldberg, Clyde Kusatsu, Camryn Manheim, Dan Navarro, Marisol Nichols, Yvette Nicole Brown, Woody Schultz, Stacey Travis and Lisa Vidal.

UFS Los Angeles local board candidates: Rob Archer, Michelle C Bonilla, Ivar Brogger, Joi Carr, Gabrielle Carteris, Natalia Castellanos, William Charlton, Parvesh Cheena, Tom Choi, Chantal Cousineau, Tiffany Yvonne Cox, Ellen Crawford, Michael Cudlitz, Jay Disney, Patrick Fabian, Fred Fein, Kate Flannery, Spencer Garrett, Giselle Gilbert, David Goryl, Michelle Hurd, Clyde Kusatsu, Jen Levin, Kate Linder, Elaine Loh, Marisol Nichols, Jenny O'Hara, Lee Purcell, Jasper Randall, Dileep Rao, Woody Schultz, Shea Scullin, Fletcher Sheridan, Alan Starzinski, Iqbal Theba, Danielle Towne, Stacey Travis, Toni Trucks, Armand Vasquez, Lisa Vidal, David Villar, Katie Von Till, Katie Wallack, Ben Whitehair and Vivicca Whitsett.

USAN New York national board candidates: Nitasha Brambree, Rebecca Damon, Traci Godfrey, Stephen Henderson, Phoebe Jonas, Elaine LeGaro, Cheri Preston, John Rothman, Jeff Spurgeon and Liz Zazzi.

USAN New York local board candidates: Marc Baron, Evan Bass, Avis Boone, Christine Bruno, Rebecca Damon, Nick Fondulis, Janette Gautier, Traci Godfrey, Ed Heavey, Anita Hollander, Lillian Isabella, Phoebe Jonas, Verania Kenton, Jim Kerr, Gerald M. Kline, Ezra Knight, Elaine LeGaro, Samantha MacIvor, Adrian Martinez, Joseph Melendez, Vanessa Morales, Jack Mulcahy, Janice Pendarvis, Jay Potter, Linda Powell, Cheri Preston, Kevin Scullin, Sarah Seeds, Leslie Shreve, Jeff Spurgeon, Jamal Story, David Ushery, Rick Zahn and Liz Zazzi.