SAG, AMPTP take a three-day break

Talks to resume Tuesday

SAG and the Alliance of Motion Picture & Television Producers will take a three-day break before starting up talks again Tuesday.

The actors union and AMPTP finished up talks Friday with no new deal, after resuming talks Wednesday following AFTRA's tentative primetime TV deal with the studios early that morning.

In a statement to members, SAG president Alan Rosenberg told members the three-day break is due to a pre-planned AMPTP fundraiser on Monday.

Rosenberg also indicated the SAG negotiating committee were briefed Thursday afternoon by members of AFTRA's bargaining team on their tentative deal.

"We are in the process of analyzing the AFTRA/AMPTP agreement and how it impacts our negotiations," he wrote. "We will continue to seek further clarifications regarding the agreement from both AFTRA and the AMPTP."

He added, in the meantime, SAG is working hard to secure a fair deal for its members in the primetime/theatrical contract and that observers from "sister unions" have been invited to all of their negotiating sessions.