SAG Awards: 10 Funny Moments From the Show

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“Ladies and gentleman, welcome to Diverse TV."

While tensions were high at the 22nd annual SAG Awards on Saturday night, many moments of levity still shone through.

From nine-year-old Room star Jacob Tremblay dancing on the red carpet to Bryan Cranston crying, here are 10 funny moments from E!'s red-carpet preshow and the live telecast on TNT/TBS:

1. When Jesse Tyler Ferguson asked if he could be “a flower girl” at stylist and red-carpet interviewer Brad Goreski’s wedding.

2. When Tremblay did a little dance on the red carpet to show off his suit.

3. When Cranston cried on the red carpet while watching one of his early performances.

4. When Kate Winslet said, “I’m going to interview myself and I’m going to be charming, Giuliana Rancic be damned.” When asked about her favorite emojis, Winslet said, "I always use the poo one and the chicken.… I like the heart but the one with the little pink heart and the other heart, that's kind of girly so I like that one."

5. When Jason Mitchell told the audience, “Y’all can start clapping now” once he was done introducing his film, Straight Outta Compton.

6. When Sarah Silverman put on glasses and a fake mustache while presenting an award with Jason Bateman.

7. When Room stars Brie Larson and Tremblay reunited. Larson said to her co-star, “I am so happy to be spending the evening here with you, Jacob. It's been awhile.” Tremblay (on a stepstool) replied to Larson: “It’s award season, I’ve been working the circuit.... I can still remember the first time I got nominated for a SAG Award. I was only nine years old [said the nine-year-old] and I was competing against Batman.” (He was referring to fellow SAG Award nominee Michael Keaton.)

8. When Jason Bateman said to Jeffrey Tambor, “Get up here, Dad” after announcing the best actor in a drama series winner. Tambor and Bateman played father and son in Arrested Development.

9. When Idris Elba got up to the podium and said, “Ladies and gentleman, welcome to Diverse TV," which referred to the #OscarSoWhite controversy.

10. When Amy Poehler and Tina Fey presented Carol Burnett with the Life Achievement Award and gave an example of why she is more deserving than Leonardo DiCaprio. “Carol Burnett is a real entertainer…and she has deserved every award because comedy is much harder than drama…comedic actors have to do everything dramatic actors do, too, but often with a chimp. Michael Keaton knows what I’m talking about…and while we’re at it, let’s all calm down, Leo DiCaprio. To shoot the Revenant, you slept in a horse and ate bison liver; Carol would have slept in that horse, worn it, danced and made a much funnier face."