SAG Awards 2011: Christian Bale Surprised On Stage by Dicky Eklund

Dicky Eklund - Christian Bale - December 2010
John Sciulli/Getty Images

Backstage, the actor (who played the former professional boxer in "The Fighter"), said he felt "pretty freakin' good" for winning best supporting actor on his 37th birthday.

Christian Bale was suprised on stage Sunday night at the SAG Awards by Dicky Eklund, whom he played in The Fighter.

"Hey Dicky! All right!" Bale -- named best actor -- exclaimed while hugging Eklund.

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"This is the original quacker right here," Bale added. "Thank you for living the life, and thank you for letting me play you."

Said Eklund, "How do you like me now?"

"I like you now," joked Bale.

Winning the SAG Award was a birthday present for the actor, who turned 37 Sunday.

"I feel pretty freaking good," he said backstage, adding he had already celebrated with his family earlier in the day so the win "is gravy."
He was reluctant to name some of his favorite performers for fear of omitting or insulting fellow actors, but he did single out Robert Duvall ("one of the finest there's ever been) Gary Oldman, Melissa Leo and Amy Adams.
But he made is a point to thank editors, including Fighter editor Pamela Martin, for picking good takes. "When you get a director and editor picking the good takes, you get 'Oh what a wonderful performance.'"
He also said actors seem to be overlooked for the quiet roles. ­ He was sad that Mark Wahlberg didn't get a nomination but said he'd share the win with him.
"This was a loud role and I fucking loved it!" he said.