SAG Awards Fashion: The Real Story Behind Jennifer Lawrence's Wardrobe Malfunction

The "Silver Linings Playbook" SAG winner put the blogosphere into overdrive over what looked like a ripped dress.

It appeared to many SAG Awards viewers Sunday night that Jennifer Lawrence ripped her navy Dior dress as she maneuvered her way through chairs to get to the stage to accept the outstanding actress award for her role in Silver Linings Playbook.

The Twitterverse was all, well, atwitter over her apparent wardrobe malfunction that showed off her upper thighs. What an embarrassing thing to happen to a young actress accepting such a major award!

Cracks even were made online about the Dior couture gown being shoddily made. Sacre bleu

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But nothing could be further from the truth. The Hollywood Reporter has found out from inside sources that all the Hunger Games star did was lift her dress to avoid the chairs and other stars' legs. But she forgot -- in her haste -- that the dress was comprised of layers and was not all one piece. 

Pulling up the dress to avoid snagging the hem on chairs served to separate the layers and expose the sheer chiffon layer underneath.

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As viewers watched, Marion Cotillard and Nicole Kidman were caught on camera appearing to witness Lawrence's mishap, their faces revealing sympathy and amusement. Lawrence probably did not even realize what happened until much later than evening. Or when she talked to her parents.

Lawrence kept cool when she walked onstage and delivered a heartfelt and funny speech, calling Harvey Weinstein "a rascal." She looked as gorgeous and unruffled as she did on the red carpet and continued to project composure later when she appeared backstage in the press room.

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Quite a big night for the young actress who was recovering from walking pneumonia and also had caused a social media ruckus with her fiery red Dior dress at the Golden Globes on Jan. 13.