SAG Awards Fashion: Viola Davis Wears Elegant Marchesa

Viola Davis SAG Awards Red Carpet - P 2012
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Viola Davis SAG Awards Red Carpet - P 2012

The star of "The Help" and Oscar nominee turns it out in a chic white gown with gold embroidery.

As THR has been saying, Viola Davis' gowns just keep getting better and better.

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She's gone from red to pink to wine to green, always choosing a different look, but with the help of stylist Elizabeth Stewart, they've all been incredibly flattering on her. Now, her white Marchesa gown at the SAG awards was a real light reflector, and it definitely dazzled. Best of all? It's not like anything she's worn before.

Viola pulled out the stops by wearing her hair in a wavy twenties style that we haven't seen her in before. Smart move: another awards show, a completely different look.