SAG Awards: The Nominees React

Chris Colfer - PR Portrait Glee - 2009
Patrick Ecclesine/FOX

See what Chris Colfer, Ty Burrell, Patrick Stewart and more have to say.

Here are what the nominees are saying about their SAG Award nominations, which were announced Thursday morning:

Chris Colfer wasn't able to contain his excitement Thursday morning. The Glee star, who also received his first Globe nomination earlier this week, joyfully noted that he was on Cloud 9, though wasn't afraid to address the hardships he went thorugh as a teenager in high school. "It's fantastic!," he said about his first-ever SAG nomination. "It's crazy because where I come from, peers is not necessarily a good word. People are mean to you and they throw things at you and they make fun of you in the hallway, so it's amazing." And to celebrate, Colfer said the Glee folks, who were also nominated for an ensemble award along with a supporting nom for Jane Lynch, won't be sparing any expense: "I think we're going to have a little pizza party [later today]." Colfer wouldn't spill any details on his character Kurt's relationship with Darren Criss' Blaine, only to say that "there have been some slight development there." But Colfer did discuss the anticipated Super Bowl episode, and hinted that viewers may be shocked. "Just the first paragraph alone in that script made me question how it was legal and how it was possible to do what they wrote," he shared. "Like, I'm telling you, there's some sentences in that script that are like, 'How is that possible?! How can they legally do this?!" -- Philiana Ng

Modern Family co-star Ty Burrell was on daddy duty, but took a few moments to discuss the sophomore series' four nominations. "I am excited. I'm really thrilled, both for the [actor] nomination and for the ensemble nomination. That's my favorite one of these," Burrell said. Being his typical, unassuming self, it was his publicist who awoke him from his slumber. Though exhausted, he mentioned the importance of co-star Ed O'Neill's nomination. "Everybody in our cast has been a big, big fan of his as a person and as an actor. I think this is the culmination of the couple of years of his brilliant work," he noted, adding that the first episode that will be shot after the holidays focuses on Valentine's Day. (Burrell teased that his Phil and Julie Bowen's Claire may reprise their roles as Clive and Julianna in that half-hour.) As for a celebration, Burrell is keeping it nice and simple. "I'm going to spend the morning with my daughter and she's going to climb all over like I'm a jungle gym and I will be in daddy heaven." -- Philiana Ng

Patrick Stewart, nominated for playing the title role in the TV movie Macbeth, wasn't aware SAG nominees were revealed Thursday. "That is always the nicest way to receive good news," he said with a laugh. "When you're not expecting it and it comes, it's especially pleasing." Stewart, who was heading to back London from New York, gave kudos to director Rupert Gould, who, like himself, had been a part of the production from its very humble beginnings. "This production started life as a stage play, rehearsing in a nasty little rehearsal room over a central trash depository in central London," he reminisced. "And it went from there to a small studio theater on the South coast of England to London to Brooklyn Academy of Music and then to Broadway." Macbeth, which aired on PBS in the U.S., took only 18 filming days to shoot (Stewart said they "could not run a day over; it was simply not possible"); he noted that talk of a movie began very early on. "Gould directs for the stage very filmically and his references in the rehearsal room are also film references," Stewart said. "I had an instinct that this man could bring something unique to a film version of Macbeth." In addition to that, all of the original theater actors returned. Stewart, a highly-regarded veteran of theater, TV and film, talked about his storied career. "The fundamentals of what you do don't change," he said. "Essentially what you're pursuing is the very specific truth of that character. I found it satisfying to be able to pull a performance back and make it internal." Stewart's surprise nomination expectedly didn't allow him to fully plan a celebration, though while speaking to THR, a lightbulb went off in his head. "Well, you know what, I'm going to have lunch with my girlfriend and we might just have a glass of something sparkling," Stewart said. "But now you've given me the idea, that might be the moment to have a celebration and my girlfriend, who is here with me, is nodding her head, so she thinks so too." -- Philiana Ng

Geoffrey Rush, The King's Speech: "As an actor you are excited, doubtful, obsessive, scared about what your craft and imagination can muster -- never knowing if the story of a fascinating but obscure corner of history will ever appeal to any audience ... it seems that it does and to have the colleagues in your industry recognize the details of your work, it's overwhelmingly satisfying.” (The Speech actor also spoke to THR's The Race about his SAG nomination.)

Hailee Steinfeld of True Grit spoke to THR's The Race about her nomination: "It's just so weird!"

Winona Ryder received two SAG nominations Thursday, one as part of the Black Swan ensemble and another for her work in the TV movie When Love Is Not Enough: The Lois Wilson Story: “I was floored and overjoyed to be nominated by my peers. I am so proud to be recognized among Natalie, Vincent and the cast of Black Swan and for the The Lois Wilson Story. I’m thrilled.”

Helena Bonham Carter, The King's Speech: "The SAG nomination means particularly more to me because it comes from the very people I crave approval from: other actors."

Carlos' Edgar Ramirez spoke with THR's The Race about his SAG nomination: "We got away with it!"

John Goodman, You Don't Know Jack: "This nomination is all the more special because it was created and bestowed by my Fellows and Fellowettes."

David Hoberman and Todd Lieberman, The Fighter producers: "We have an amazing cast. They were truly dedicated to The Fighter. It was a pleasure to watch them bring these characters to life. They are phenomenal talents and we congratulate them on these SAG nominations."