SAG Awards Nominations: The Nominees' Reactions

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Says Hill: "The most challenging scene I ever shot in my life was when Billy asks me to trade [first baseman Carlos] Pena and basically fire him. It's a 45-second scene, which is not long, but it's rare you get to see a character grow up in 45 seconds."

UPDATED: Owen Wilson, Octavia Spencer, Jonah Hill, Jessica Lange, Kenneth Branagh and Christopher Plummer sound off on their noms.

Nominees for the 18th annual Screen Actors Guild Awards were announced early Wednesday morning, with The Help leading the film contenders with four nominations and Modern Family topping the TV categories with five.

Armie Hammer, J. Edgar -- outstanding supporting actor in a film: “I’ve given everyone I work with strict instructions, like, ‘We’re not gonna talk about this kind of thing.’ My job on J. Edgar was finished the last time Clint said, ‘Stop,’ so everything that’s happened since is a perk of working with all those talented people. I think part of the movie’s appeal is its nostalgia. If you’d shot this movie in the 1950s in black and white it would’ve looked exactly the same. Any other director would’ve done it CGI, cheaper and faster. It was amazing as an actor to get to do full prosthetic makeup, because it’s quickly becoming obsolete. Not many more actors will get a chance to do that unless it’s some creature, something fanciful. Though Clyde [Tolson, definitely turned into a little bit of a creature by the end, but I’d like to see anybody else do better after going through that many strokes.” -- Tim Appelo

Jon Cryer, Two and a Half Men -- outstanding supporting actor in a TV series: "Being that it's been a year of very surprising developments, when I get a call from my publicist at 6 a.m. I really don't want to answer it. But this was a good one." Read his full reaction here.

Owen Wilson, Midnight in Paris -- outstanding drama ensemble: “It’s an honor to be recognized by your peers and I thank my fellow SAG members for this nomination and am proud to have been a part of such an incredible ensemble, as well as Woody Allen’s vision.”

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Jonah Hill, Moneyball -- outstanding supporting actor in a film: "I am incredibly moved and so grateful to my fellow actors for recognizing my role in Moneyball with this nomination. I feel so lucky to be an actor today as I do everyday. I owe a huge thanks and much credit to our entire cast and crew, our writers, and especially to our fearless leader and director Bennett Miller and to Brad Pitt, the most generous onscreen partner anyone could hope for. Having my work honored today by my peers pushes me to work even harder."

Glenn Close, Albert Nobbs and Damages -- outstanding lead actress in a drama and outstanding lead actress in a drama series: "Thankfully Albert Nobbs never had to be in a room with (Damages) Patty Hewes!  I'm thrilled and honored and ecstatic that Janet McTeer was recognized."

Octavia Spencer, The Help -- outstanding supporting actress in a film: “I was awake at 2:45 am. I hadn’t invested emotionally in this process until now — I didn’t want the disappointment, but everything hit me last night! It could be real! I didn’t watch the announcements though. I was too scared! This is all very humbling. We’ve all taken this journey of putting ourselves out there, not being able to pay bills. Life changes on a dime doesn’t it? To be recognized by the people who know exactly what we go through is the most rewarding. I’m so excited for [Bridesmaids nominee[ Melissa McCarthy, who I’ve become close to, and of course Jessica Chastain and Viola from our movie. I’m just over the moon. We are ‘the little movie that could.’” -- Stacey Wilson

Patrick J. Adams, Suits -- outstanding actor in a TV drama: "I went to bed last night thinking today was going to be another day, get up and walk my dog and that would be that. To wake up this morning to the phone ringing off the hook, I thought what anybody would think, that something terrible had happened, the world was falling apart. I was gobsmacked, breathless, speechless." Read his full reaction here.

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Judd Apatow, Bridesmaids producer -- outstanding drama ensemble: "I'm proud this brilliant, hilarious and talented cast was saluted by their peers today and I'm very excited to see that comedy work is acknowledged and saluted as well."

Christopher Plummer, Beginners -- outstanding supporting actor in a film: “We had no idea Beginners would stick around for awards remembrances, we shot it so long ago. We were all beginning to wonder. And then the movie started taking off, slowly but surely, all over the world, and it’s doing very well. I’m doubly grateful for the Screen Actors Guild nomination, for myself of course, but it’s also a tribute to Mike Mills’ writing. He did such a great job, it’s such a personal piece for him. I have enormous respect for him. When I read the script, I loved the material, but I didn’t know who Mike was. It was my wife who said, 'This is wonderful writing, you should do this.' Then I thought, 'Well, he’s going to be so possessive about his father, he’ll have a very rigid idea of what I should do.' And Mike said, 'No, be free, make it yours, it’s your own.' He let us all be free in our roles. This nomination is very touching for him as it is for me.” -- Merle Ginsberg

Berenice Bejo, The Artist -- outstanding supporting actress in a film: "I was very relaxed this morning, here in L.A. where I just arrived, because I was sure Jean and Michel would get some nominations. I wasn't so sure about myself. I'm very happy this morning. I'm running to do tv, and I have auditions, and I have been thinking, 'This is a very amazing time in my life.' I'm very happy and very proud. In doing the Ellen Show this afternoon -- WOW. Michel is in Paris, and the kids are doing a dance show for the school, so that's where he is. Someone has to be with the kids! I called him this morning, he's so happy for me, for Jean, for all the cast. and we're so happy for John and Penelope and Missy as it's really an ensemble. And Uggie of course. I should call Uiggie, this awards season such a lot of work for him, he's probably sleeping. I will start thinking about wardrobe tomorrow, depending on what happens. If it happens, look for a nice dress to wear, so I can be pretty on the red carpet." -- Merle Ginsberg

Kenneth Branagh, My Week With Marilyn -- outstanding supporting actor in a film: "I am so grateful to the Screen Actors Guild for recognising my work, and that of the extraordinary cast and especially the remarkable performance of Michelle Williams. Laurence Olivier set a standard for artists. To play him was a great honour, and for the performance to be acknowledged by my fellow actors is especially meaningful to me. I feel very lucky and very proud to be an actor."

Jessica Lange, American Horror Story -- outstanding supporting actress in a TV series: "I have loved working with Ryan Murphy, Brad Falchuk and all the wonderful writers who have kept the character growing and evolving. It is exciting to play Constance and I am thrilled to be acknowledged by my peers."

Janet McTeer, Albert Nobbs -- outstanding supporting actress in a film: "I'm really thrilled by this nomination.  It's so flattering to be recognized by your peers. And I'm especially excited and thrilled for Glenn, who has worked so hard and so long on this project."

Demian Bichir, A Better Life -- outstanding lead actor in a drama: "My girlfriend called me, that was really good. I just could not believe the statement saying that I was nominated, and with all those other amazing actors. It's the actor's vote. It's so rewarding fellow peers vote for you. To me to be among these amazing actors, it's a double honor. I'm overwhelmed by the whole thing. [Laughs] I've been an actor since I was a kid, grew up in the theater, I was 17 when I did my first play, O'Neill's Ah Wilderness -- I thought I wanted the rest of the world to get to know my work. Everyone knows how tough the competition is in the United States for any artist. So to have a place amongst so much talent I feel truly blessed." -- Merle Ginsberg

Betty White, Hot in Cleveland -- outstanding lead actress in a TV comedy: "This is incredible to be recognized by my fellow members of the Screen Actors Guild for two of my favorite projects. I couldn't do the work I do on Hot in Cleveland without the support and love of my fellow cast mates Valerie Bertinelli, Jane Leeves, Wendie Malick, the amazing writers, and of course the show's creator, Suzanne Martin. Also, I have always wanted to do a Hallmark Hall of Fame movie and The Lost Valentine was an amazing experience due mostly to Jennifer Love Hewitt, Darnell Martin (the director), the producers and the  wonderful folks at Hallmark Hall of  Fame. Thank you from the bottom of my heart."

Giancarlo Esposito, Breaking Bad -- outstanding drama series ensemble: “I’m in the mountains of Canada right now. My publicist called me at 5 a.m. -- I heard the phone chirping away – as I was getting ready to get to yoga. It’s very exciting. I’ve been acting a very long time and to be part of this fantastic cast, it’s thrilling. I generally don’t think about awards or nominations. I just wanted to create a character and become part of a new family. To be nominated by my peers- it’s the best feeling I’ve ever had. People tell me, ‘You’re an actor’s actor,' but I never knew what that meant! I love the Breaking Bad family. I’ve never felt this fulfilled or happy.” -- Stacey Wilson

Nick Nolte, Warrior -- outstanding supporting actor in a film: “I am enormously touched by this nomination from the SAG membership. I’ve been at this for a long time, and it is always gratifying to be recognized for a performance. Warrior was a little film but it has a big heart, and it was a real labor of love for Gavin O’Connor who directed the movie. More than anything I hope that this nomination creates some renewed interest in the picture.”

Michael Sheen, Midnight in Paris -- outstanding drama ensemble: "How lovely? I'm assuming "ensemble" is French for Best British Actor Playing A Pedantic American With A Pointy Beard?"

James Cromwell, The Artist -- outstanding drama ensemble: "What a tremendous honor from the Screen Actors Guild. I, and my fellow actors - Jean, Bérénice, John, Penelope are, of course, speechless but I am sure Uggie’s tail is wagging!"