SAG Awards: Olivia Munn and Niecy Nash Show Noms "Love" During Lively Announcement

Olivia Munn and Niecy Nash - Split - Getty - H 2017
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Both actresses interjected their own commentary and comic banter while reading each of this year’s nominees on Wednesday morning.

The nominees for the 24th annual Screen Actors Guild Awards were announced Wednesday morning by Olivia Munn and Niecy Nash, and the actresses livened up what can be a dry reading of names.

While reading this year's nominations, Munn and Nash offered their own commentary, expressing love, jokes and celebrations for certain nominees and their respective projects.

Nash jokingly began reading each nomination in an enthusiastic manner, leaving Munn to quickly mention, “Are you going to be doing this with all of them? Because I’m gonna step it up on my turn next time.”

Keeping her promise, Munn read the nominations for best actress in a comedy series, jokingly making cheer gestures as she delivered each show title. Failing to do anything after reading Jane Fonda’s nomination for Grace and Frankie, Munn quickly said, “I didn’t know what to do with that one.” After reading Julia Louis-Dreyfus’ nomination for Veep, both Nash and Munn took a moment to express their love for the actress. “We love you, Julia!” Nash shouted.

For the category of best actor in a comedy series, Nash referred to Black-ish star Anthony Anderson as her friend, whereas Munn joked that nominee Aziz Ansari was her friend. “Kind of. I know him sometimes. Sometimes I see him and say hi at events,” Munn said.

Aware of their banter, Nash read Larry David’s nomination for Curb Your Enthusiasm, joking, “Which we can’t this morning.” Despite addressing their interjections, Nash continued commenting on each nominee, referring to Shameless star William H. Macy as one of her “favorites.”

Quickly after Munn named Black-ish as one of the nominees for best ensemble in a comedy series, Nash joked, “You could’ve pointed to me,” only for Munn to jokingly retort, “Then, that’s all the press would be about — me pointing to you. If Fresh off the Boat comes up, don’t point at me.”

Nash continued to shower the nominees with love, commenting on Jason Bateman’s male actor in a drama series nomination. “I love this guy,” said Nash, with Munn in agreement. The pair also expressed adoration for This Is Us star, Sterling K. Brown and Stranger Things’ David Harbour. “Oh! I love him, but I don’t know him,” Munn said of nominee Peter Dinklage from Game of Thrones

After reading Bob Odenkirk’s nomination for Better Call Saul, Munn joked that Nash should have her own version called, “Better Call Niecy.” Munn also commented on Claire Foy’s nomination for The Crown. “I haven’t seen this yet, but I’m so excited," she said. "I’m gonna binge-watch this one.”

Laura Linney received a nomination for her role in Ozark, something both Nash and Munn praised. “She was good in that,” Nash said, with Munn adding, “Ozark is so good. Jason Bateman directed it.” Munn also commented on Robin Wright’s nomination, addressing her leading House of Cards next season. “Love her, and I’m so excited for the next season,” she said.

After Nash read the best ensemble in a drama series nomination for Game of Thrones, Munn couldn’t help but quip about the successful show, asking “What’s that?” Meanwhile, Nash couldn’t help but celebrate over Hong Chau’s supporting actor nomination for Downsizing. “Yes! I’m in that movie,” Nash shouted, also saying she has “love” for Chau.

Munn then asked the comedian if she saw The Big Sick, after announcing Holly Hunter’s nomination. “Did you see that movie? It’s a great movie! It’s fantastic,” Munn told Nash. Following their reading of Allison Janney’s nomination for I, Tonya, the duo exclaimed that they both wanted to see it. “Let’s go see it together,” Nash told Munn.

Munn also expressed her excitement for Laurie Metcalf’s nomination for Ladybird and Steve Carell’s supporting actor nomination. “I love him. He’s so nice,” Munn said of Carell, only to fail to give the same sentiments to fellow nominee Willem Dafoe. “Don’t know him.” Munn also admitted that she didn’t know nominee Woody Harrelson, but said she had a “best friend” in nominees Richard Jenkins and Denzel Washington. 

Watch the full nominations announcement below.