SAG Health Plan Announces Benefit Changes

Improvements are balanced by elimination or reduction of some benefits.

The Screen Actors Guild’s health plan has announced several benefits changes. According to information posted at the SAG-Producers Pension and Health Plans website, effective Jan. 1, plan members’ children will now be eligible for health coverage until the age of 26 regardless of student or marital status. Among the other changes:

• Elimination of out-of-network hospital coverage for the top-tier program, Plan I.
• Reduction in coverage of co-insurance payment for all benefits—except wellness benefits—from 100 percent of all claims after deductibles and co-payments to 90 percent.
• Addition of coverage for the services of certified lactation consultants.
• Elimination of the prescription-drug benefit for the second-tier program, Plan II, and changes to co-payments for non-preferred drugs on the Plan I prescription-drug benefit.

A full explanation of changes can be found at the plan's website. The plan’s administrators announced in August that increases to the minimum eligibility requirement for Plans I and II would take effect Jan. 1. In September, it was announced that substance-abuse and mental-health coverage would be dropped from Plan II.