SAG Goes Multimedia

The guild is sending an email to industry representatives offering a PowerPoint and podcast explaining contract revisions.

The PowerPoint won’t go viral and the podcast won’t burn up the iTunes charts, but SAG is reaching out. In an email sent today to studios, networks, agents, mangers and others, the guild offers up a PowerPoint, 19-minute podcast and web page that the organization promotes as a “user-friendly update on the new provisions in our TV/Theatrical Agreements.”

Of course, “user-friendly” is in the eye of the beholder. The SAG agreements, like those of most entertainment unions and guilds, run to hundreds of pages. That means that the new materials are likely to be user-friendly primarily to contract mavens. But for those users, the new resources will no doubt be useful.

The new three-year contract was ratified last Friday by a margin of 93.52 percent to 6.48 percent and takes effect July 1. As previously reported, it includes 2% annual wage increases and a one-time 1.5% increase in employer contributions to the pension and health plans, as well as a shift from first-class air travel to new rules favoring business class and coach.

The PowerPoint and podcast can be downloaded at SAG's "Contract Primer" web page, which also details key contract changes.