SAG national vp roles for Johnson, Hodge

Regional branch to elect 3rd national vp later this month

Anne-Marie Johnson, who lost the SAG presidential election last month, has retained her post as 1st national vp.

The Hollywood Division board re-elected Johnson by acclamation Monday. She also will continue as chair of the division's board.

"I hope to continue to help lead with honesty, inclusion and determination," she said. "We are and will be facing extraordinary challenges, and it is my responsibility to do my best to continue to put the concerns and well-being of SAG members first."

Also Monday, the New York Division board elected Mike Hodge, the division's new president, as SAG's 2nd vp.

"I'm excited and looking forward to a year of very productive volunteering," he said. "We're not out of the woods yet, but I think we can make some real progress this year."

Johnson ("JAG," "Pursuit of Happiness") is a 25-year SAG member who has served three previous terms as 1st national vp. Hodge ("Law & Order," "Fringe") has been on the national board of directors for nine years.

The Regional Branch Division will elect the 3rd national vp during its board meeting Oct. 15-16.