SAG Negotiated with WB to Lift 'Hobbit' Boycott

Reflecting a deeper involvement in the New Zealand Hobbit dispute than previously recognized, the Screen Actors Guild engaged in detailed negotiations with Warner Bros. over a press release announcing the lifting of a boycott by New Zealand Actors Equity, SAG and other actors’ unions.

The negotiations, reported by the New Zealand Herald, were conducted via email and came several days before the ultimate public announcement that the “do not work” orders had been lifted.

The New Zealand Press Association obtained copies of the emails, as has THR, which previously reported on other aspects of the correspondence.

The SAG role is notable because the public face of union organizing efforts has been labor officials in Australia and New Zealand. SAG has not been publicly involved, except for issuing a “do not work” on its website in the much the same fashion as other English-speaking actors unions.

SAG declined to comment.