SAG seems in no rush to deal


SAG has sent a message to its members: We'll decide what will or won't serve as a template for our next contract.

Noting speculation that terms of the DGA's tentative new contract may form the basis for other guilds' pacts, SAG brass seemed to say "not so fast" in a Tuesday e-mail to membership.

"Some have rushed to anoint their deal as the 'solution' for the entertainment industry," SAG president Alan Rosenberg and national exec director Doug Allen said. "We believe that assessment is premature."

The SAG leaders noted that the DGA's much-touted jurisdiction over new-media content is incomplete.

"Your guild has signed 210 Internet producers to SAG contracts in the past two years and only seven of them, or 3%, would fall inside the high DGA jurisdictional thresholds," they said. "We have worked hard, just as we do with low-budget features, to capture this Internet work and to make sure it is done union. This DGA proposal appears to abandon jurisdiction over a huge swath of actual Internet productions, which we currently cover."