SAG taps David White for permanent post

He had served as interim national executive director

David White's tryout is over, and the job is his.

The Screen Actors Guild's national board approved White's appointment to the post of permanent national executive director Oct. 18. White had served as the guild's interim director since January.

"We will continue to get our house in order -- financially and strategically," White said in a statement. "I have great confidence in the guild's ability to navigate the dramatic changes taking place in our industry."

In his permanent position, White will also take on the responsibilities of SAG's chief negotiator, a role that had been filled on an interim basis by longtime SAG executive John McGuire. White and McGuire stepped in following the January ouster of then-executive director Doug Allen, a favorite of former guild president Alan Rosenberg and his hardline MembershipFirst faction. Allen was fired after control of the national board changed hands from MembershipFirst to the moderate coalition now led by current president Ken Howard.

White's appointment received 71% approval, a high percentage that implies that some MembershipFirst members on the closely divided national board broke ranks to vote in his favor. White served as general counsel for the guild from 2002 to 2006. Prior to rejoining SAG's front office in January, he was managing principal of Los Angeles-based consulting firm Entertainment Strategies Group.