Saint Laurent Ad Banned in U.K. for Super Skinny Model

Saint Laurent Banned Ad - H 2015

Saint Laurent Banned Ad - H 2015

The Advertising Standards Authority has deemed the images "irresponsible."

The U.K.'s Advertising Standards Authority, which banned ads from Miu Miu and Tom Ford earlier this year, is back at it again. The independent regulator's most recent victim? Saint Laurent. 

The ASA has deemed the French fashion house's spring 2015 ad, which stars 18-year-old model Kiki Willems, as "irresponsible" and banned it from appearing "again in its current form." The agency decided to uphold a complaint that was filed following the ad's publication in Elle U.K., citing the "unhealthily underweight" model's visible ribcage and thin legs as evidence that the ad violated the ASA's code of responsible advertising. 

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Saint Laurent has responded in defense of the images — shot by creative director Hedi Slimane in his signature black-and-white, rocker chic aesthetic — and denies that they are "irresponsible." 

Models' weight has been a subject of concern for many lately, with France's BMI law and the Danish fashion industry's independent regulations leading the crusade towards a healthier looking industry. Only time will tell if the U.K.'s efforts make an impact.