Saks Fifth Avenue Beverly Hills Opens In-Store Dior Beauty Boutique

Natalie Portman Dior Rogue nude ad - H 2012

Natalie Portman Dior Rogue nude ad - H 2012

Dior Beauty gets its own shop-in-shop in Saks, which will launch with a party.

Those of us who comb through department store makeup floors like they're filled with buried treasure become aware of all the details. Of course we all have our favorite lipstick, but it's who has the biggest space on the selling floor -- and who really gets to reflect their brand's image -- that tells us what products are selling best.

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Now, Saks Fifth Avenue Beverly Hills -- which gives big space to Armani makeup in its own "boutique" -- is opening a new Dior Beauty Boutique in store.

Fash Track has learned that Dior is one of the biggest selling makeup brands in the store, and this new space hints that it could be outselling Chanel, Nars, Estee Lauder, Lancome and YSL cosmetics in that location. And now, with Dior's new profile thanks to designer Raf Simons, the makeup could potentially increase its glamourous image and exposure.

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On Friday, Oct.19, the store will host cocktails with Pamela Baxter, the president of Dior Couture Inc., and L.A. ladies Marion Laurie, Kelly Chapman Meyer and Quinn Ezralow.

Saks is also in the midst of finishing up the overhaul of its mens' store, which should open sometime in 2013. Lots of improvements going on in this store -- and many events this fall, too.