For Sale: George Clooney's Tesla Roadster, 'Muppets' Memorabilia, 'Legend of Zelda' Prototype

These rare collectibles and more are expected to sell from $35,000 to $150 million.

George Clooney will be auctioning off his 2008 Tesla “Signature 100” Roadster at the Gooding & Co. Pebble Beach Auction on August 19 to raise money for South Sudan. The proceeds will go to the non-profit organization Satellite Sentinel Project which was co-founded by Clooney and human rights activist John Prendergast. The organization helps prevent violence between Northern and Southern Sudan by monitoring the borders via satellite. The Roadster, which will be auctioned alongside Jay Leno’s 2012 Fiat 500, is expected to sell for $100,000 to $125,000. [LA Times]

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A collection of film stills, posters and negatives estimated to be worth $150 million are to be auctioned starting next year. The archive was compiled by Manhattan print store Movie Star News, a family business established in 1939 that has been selling prints of classic films like Citizen Kane and stars like Marilyn Monroe. The collection of 3 million photos, 10,000 movies and 250,000 negatives also includes never-before-seen negatives of Charlie Chaplin and the largest sets of original Bettie Page pin-ups. The items were bought by a Las Vegas collectibles company and will be sold at a public auction at the Guernsey’s Auction House next year. [New York Daily News]

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Fans of The Muppet Show can buy a collection of illustrations by creator Jim Henson. Among the items are Henson’s handwritten story pitches and original Polaroids of characters like Miss Piggy and Gonzo. The collection shows the early development of one of America’s most popular television shows. The memorabilia is on sale on July 31 at the Nate D. Sanders auction house. [Reuters]

A prototype of the classic Nintendo video game Legend of Zelda is for sale on eBay. The factory-sealed rare piece of video game history is listed with a Buy It Now price of $150,000. The actual game was released on August 22, 1987 and the seller of the prototype speculates that his game was released on February 23, 1987. As of Tuesday afternoon there have been 39 offers, most of which were denied by the seller. [Examiner]

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