'Salinger' Director Shane Salerno Talks About 'Terrifying' Telluride Crash

Shane Salerno Salinger Premiere - P 2013
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Shane Salerno Salinger Premiere - P 2013

He also teased one of the secrets revealed in the film at the N.Y. premiere attended by Jeff Zucker, Tina Brown and Lloyd Blankfein.

The director of The Weinstein Company's upcoming documentary about mysterious author J.D. Salinger wasn't among the people affiliated with the film who were involved in this weekend's plane crash at Telluride, but he still said the incident was "very scary."

"I was actually reported as being on the plane, so I got all of these e-mails and texts asking if I was OK. It was very terrifying," Salerno told The Hollywood Reporter at Monday night's Salinger premiere at the Museum of Modern Art in New York.


Salerno said there was initially confusion as to who was involved in the crash, in which luckily no one was injured, before he learned that the people on the affected aircraft included Salinger biography co-author David Shields, Weinstein Co. publicity executive Emmy Chang and the family of Jean Miller, who's in the film "telling her story for the first time," the director said.

Salerno also claimed that the crash occurred after a propeller blew off of the plane.

The film offers a different sort of thrill for fans of the Catcher in the Rye mastermind, providing new details about the author's private life and revealing previously unseen footage of Salinger and more information about those additional books he was working on prior to his death.

Although Salerno didn't want to spoil the movie, he did reveal that one of the stories the film tells is about Salinger losing the love of his life, Eugene O'Neill's daughter, to Charlie Chaplin, something he said very few people know.

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The star-studded, but largely press-shy, crowd at Monday's screening included Barbara Walters, Jeff Zucker, Charlie Rose, Tina Brown and Goldman Sachs CEO Lloyd Blankfein.

When we asked Blankfein, who's still rocking the grey beard he started sporting several months ago, if he's a fan of Salinger, he said, "Of course, everyone's a fan of J.D. Salinger."

Even investment bankers, it seems.