Sally Kirkland to Star in Indie 'Alice Stands Up' (Exclusive)

Sally Kirkland Headshot - P 2012

Sally Kirkland Headshot - P 2012

Writer and director Brent Roske recently teamed with the actress for the short film “African Chelsea.”

Sally Kirkland will star in the independent movie Alice Stands Up, according to writer and director Brent Roske.

Kirkland and Roske recently worked together on the short film African Chelsea, which has been well received at several festivals. At the Santa Catalina Film Festival, Roske was named best director for the short.

Roske says he wrote the heart-warming drama Alice Stands Up with Kirkland in mind after they had a good experience together on the 2011 short film. “I realized during African Chelsea how much I wanted to work with her again,” says Roske, “so I wrote Alice Stands Up for her and only her.”  

The new film is about a woman who has to go into the workforce late in life  after an investment made by her late husband goes bust. The character, Alice, has never worked before. She has to learn about everything from how to use a GPS system to how to do sales pitches as she survives jobs like delivering pizza and doing door-to-door sales. At the same time Alice is mending relationships with her daughter and autistic son.

 “I laughed on almost every page,” says Kirkland. “Brent pitched it to me as a drama but I think its very, very funny. He’s an actor’s director and really lets you discover the scene and play.”

To be produced on a budget of under $1 million, Alice Stands Up starts production in March already fully financed through private sources, according to Roske, who declined to say exactly who is putting up the money.

There is no domestic or international distribution up yet.

Roske spent nine years as creative director for the NBC TV stations, where he wrote and produced promos and did specials.

Kirkland most recently completed supporting roles in several independent movies, including Broken Roads, directed by Justin Chambers. She has also had roles in a number of other films in recent years, including Richard III (2008), Factory Girl (2006) and An Eye For An Eye (2004). Her last major studio role was in Bruce Almighty in 2003.

Kirkland is best known for her starring turn in the 1987 indie drama Anna, for which she won the Best Actress Oscar, a Golden Globe and other awards.  

Alice Stands Up is being produced by Shane Stanley (The Gridiron Gang), Andrea Fellers (Isle Of Dogs) and Carl Lucas  (Last Stop).

Stanley, whose company is Visual Arts Entertainment,  says the subject matter is perfect for the current state of the economy: “The script is about people picking themselves up during tough times.”