How Kendall Jenner's Street Style Has Gotten Sally LaPointe's Designs More Recognition

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A model on the Sally LaPointe fall 2016 runway.

"The wave that happens after that, I guess you could say, is huge," the designer tells Pret-a-Reporter before her fall 2016 show during New York Fashion Week.

Sally LaPointe's Instagram features a number of photos of one famous face: Kendall Jenner.

Along with Jenner, fellow model Gigi Hadid is often spotted in the designer's luxe, feminine designs. (Hadid most recently wore LaPointe's gown to Maybelline New York's Makeup Runway show.) 

So how does the designer feel when she's sees Jenner and Hadid in her creations?

"I get so excited — I see them wear it and it's perfect," the designer told Pret-a-Reporter backstage before her fall 2016 runway presentation near the High Line on Sunday. Beyond that, they've also helped her realize who her customers are. "I think for me it helps me to learn who our woman is. They definitely carry themselves as our woman does as well so it certainly does help me as a young designer to continue in that direction."

It also doesn't hurt that the "it" girls' constantly photographed street-style game gets a lot of attention.

"The wave that happens after that, I guess you could say, is huge," said LaPointe, staying warm from the single-digit weather in one of her own fur coats. "We have people calling the studio, calling the store, people emailing trying to get these pieces so certainly the exposure is huge."

WALK WITH ATTITUDE: Models on Sally LaPointe's fall 2016 runway. (Photos: Getty Images)

Her latest collection should have no problem landing on the runway stars, as she presented sweaters and leather jackets with fur-accented sleeves, dresses with fur collars, skirts with thigh-high slits, cozy turtlenecks and a black-and-blue embellished dress (one of LaPointe's favorite pieces).

"This season was really about an attitude, not so much a theme," she said, referencing a fellow Sally — photographer Sally Mann — as her inspiration for this season. "[She] has had to notoriously defend her work in saying that it's a direct reflection of her personality and not feeling the need to conform to any type of idea. And in doing so, just being really bold and fearless and honest."

LaPointe adds: "I feel that it's really close to our customer and who she is and who she's developing as so it felt like a very honest season for me."

Sounds perfect for her favorite street-style stars.