Salma Hayek Launches Fundraising Campaign for Mexico Earthquake Victims

Getty Images
Salma Hayek

The actress has pledged $100,000 to the UNICEF effort.

Salma Hayek has launched a fundraising campaign to support those affected by Mexico's recent earthquakes. Hayek, who was born in Mexico, attended college and started her career there, created the fundraiser through CrowdRise and pledged her own donation of $100,000 for UNICEF relief efforts. 

"The people of my country have now suffered three natural disasters in a row. Many children and families are hurt and in terrible need. I'm contributing $100,000 right now to support UNICEF's relief efforts which has teams on the ground responding," Hayek said in a statement. "Please join me and contribute what you can and thank you."

The campaign has so far raised more than $150,000. 

Mexico was struck by a 8.1-magnitude earthquake Sept. 8 and a 7.1-magnitude quake Sept. 19. The second event collapsed buildings and had killed more than 220 people as of Wednesday. 

The earthquake was marked as the deadliest one in the country since 1985, when a quake killed thousands of people. 

To donate, visit CrowdRise.