Double Duty Beauty: Salma Hayek Launches Line of Smoothies That Double as Face Masks

Salma Smoothie - Publicity - P 2017
Courtesy of Poke PR

However, it's not advised to eat it off your face.

If there's any actress who could sell us on blending up a smoothie to drink and to slather all over our faces in the name of beauty, it's Salma Hayek. And that's exactly what the Mexican-American stunner is encouraging with her new smoothie brand Blend It Yourself, which launches July 20 at Although she’s no dermatologist or chemist, Hayek, the co-founder, apparently has a long legacy of at-home beauty rituals.

"My grandmother was into natural ingredients," the actress tells The Hollywood Reporter. "She was like a witch doctor, a cosmetologist. We’d be having breakfast and she would take the leftovers — papaya, yogurt, honey, nuts — and blend them all together, then she’d start putting them on her face." Hayek also credits her grandmother with teaching her the importance of cleansing her face with oatmeal and chamomile tea in the kitchen. "I grew up like that and as I got older I realized that wasn't normal," she says. "I thought everyone just took the leftovers and made a mask!"

It may have not been the status quo, but Hayek's now trying to make it more ubiquitous with the introduction of Blend It Yourself, via established New York smoothie company Juice Generation. Exotic, USDA-certified organic superfood ingredients like mangosteen, pitaya and jackfruit are sourced from sustainable and fair-trade farmers who pick them at the peak of ripeness and flash-freeze them, which retains nutrients. Each perfectly portioned cup is shipped frozen, ready to be blended on-demand with the addition of nut milk or water.

BIY comprises several self-explanatory lines, including Greens, Superfruits, Protein and Acai Bowls. But the most intriguing is Beauty, which includes three blends that are designed to work powerfully inside and out. The ingredients are skin-compatible, and have benefits when ingested and also applied topically.

"We've created these ‘hero cubes’ of rose, calendula and hibiscus. This mixture of flowers is the best for inflammation and sensitive skin," says Hayek of her personal go-to ingredients. "Avocado is fantastic for emollience if your skin is feeling dry; mint tastes amazing and activates the circulation in the body. We’ve been using nopal cactus in Mexico for a very long time because it’s very rich in antioxidants."

The trio of Beauty smoothies/masks are Aloe Greens, for repairing the skin; Watermelon Hibiscus, which is refreshing and soothing; and Papaya Avocado, a renewing combo that brightens and reinvigorates the complexion. Each cup ($7) is big enough to provide a smoothie snack and facial in one — but it's not advised to eat it off your face (think of the skin that’s sloughing off), though Hayek has joked that it’s a perfect Valentine’s treat for your date. Instead, you can sip the smoothie while wearing the mask.

In reality, Hayek feels the results come immediately; she loves how the cold chill of the smoothie wakes the face and tempers inflammation. "I have a lot of problems with swelling because I travel a lot," she says. "When I apply the smoothie on my face, it calms irritation and continues to work after I take it off — you can instantly feel the smoothness, texture and tightening." Internally, she admits the benefits take a bit longer to see with consistent use.

And though she helped formulate these drinks, her genetic predisposition to kitchen-beauty experimenting means she still has fun customizing them. "I like to add extra pumpkin seeds to really exfoliate the skin," says Hayek. "And you can add a little less liquid if you want the face mask to be chunky." In this case, we'll take what she’s having.