Salma Hayek Named Global Patron of Mothers2mothers

Salma Hayek - Getty - H 2017
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The actress recently traveled to South Africa with the organization, which is working to prevent the spread of HIV/AIDS.

Salma Hayek has teamed up with mothers2mothers, an organization that aims to educate and prevent the spread of HIV/AIDS in East and Southern Africa, officially being named its Global Patron. 

Hayek recently traveled to South Africa to see the work of mothers2mothers, which focuses on training Mentor Mothers — HIV-positive women across eight African countries — to deliver health services, advice and support to women in their local communities. The group served almost 2 million families last year, and helped protect more than 700,000 infants from HIV infection. 

"In the course of her work, each Mentor Mother will personally save thousands of lives. These women are strong, proud and incredibly inspiring,” Hayek said in a statement. “One of the things I love about mothers2mothers is the force of sisterhood. Each Mentor Mother has had an experience of what it means to be told: ‘You are pregnant, you are HIV- positive, and you could pass it to your child.’ They have all lived through the stigma, so when they become one of these women supporting the next generation, they become absolutely fearless.”

The actress has long been involved in international women's causes, and is the co-founder, alongside Beyonce, of Chime for Change, which aims to unite and strengthen women's voices around the world.