Salon Films Unveils Film, TV Strategy

Feature films, documentaries focus on China's early 20th century history.

HONG KONG -- Salon Films is launching grand plans for future development with announcements of strategic alliances with important players in the Chinese film and television industry, and two film co-productions with international partners.

Salon’s planned co-productions include a film about the father of the Chinese nation, Dr. Sun Yat-sen, and the Chinese revolution, focusing on the friendship Sun established with Shokichi Umeya during Sun’s study in Japan. Entitled 1911 Revolution, the film will be made in association with Japan’s Kadokawa Shoten Publishing to mark the 100th anniversary of the revolution that overthrew the Qing Dynasty. 

The other co-prod, titled The Lady in China (also known as Legend of Gothenburg), is the first Sino-Swedish co-produced feature. The film is based on the true story of the Swedish sailing ship Gothenburg in the 18th century, with parallel storylines about the Chinese royal court and Swedish Crown Prince Gustav. Filming will take place in Sweden and China, with talents in both countries in the leads. Salon is also setting up a film fund with Swedish company aBCD Enterprise to finance films, TV series and animation. 

The Hong Kong company has also formed strategic alliances with China’s state-own China International Television Corp. and China Radio, Film & Television Programs Exchange Center, China Silver Theatre Chain Co. Ltd, and CNEX Foundation.

Salon will develop films, TV series, animation, other interactive content — from financing to distribution — with China International Television Corp., a subsidiary of China Central Television. Salon will distribute Chinese programs from CITVC, and CHNPEC will distribute the slate to the rest of the world. Salon will also bring foreign entertainment programs into China through CITVC and other CHNPEC channels. The companies are open to including other major Asian companies into their alliance to form a “United Asian Channel.”

Salon chairman Fred Wang said that the alliance is built with the spirit of following the international norm of cross-border cooperation in human resources, financing, production, technologies and marketing channels.

Salon is also forming a strategic alliance with Sil-Metropole Organization, a Hong Kong-based company that has the status of a Chinese state-owned studio, so that it acts as the Chinese partner of Chinese co-productions. Sil-Metropole is the Chinese partner of Wong Kar Wai’s The Grand Master and Three Kingdoms: Resurrection of the Dragon.

On the documentary front, Salon is now working with CNEX Foundation, a NGO that has produced and distributed Golden Horse winning documentaries KJ – Music and Life and Hip Hop Storm, to produce and distribute documentaries.

The alliances mark Salon’s involvement in different stages of content productions in China.

Salon is also engaging Chung Chieh, professor emeritus of the University of Waterloo, to find stories about Taiwan’s General Sun Li-Jen’s war efforts in the China-Burma-India theater to develop into a feature film and a documentary.