Sam Hunt's Stylist on the Pink Suit That Has Everyone Talking

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Sam Hunt

You know the one.

Leave it to former football player-turned-country star Sam Hunt to make a pink suit look masculine. Last year, Hunt covered Billboard’s Men of Style issue after proving his style is anything but safe (his style hero? Pharrell Williams, whose "carefully careless vibe" Hunt admires).

Hunt once again wasn’t afraid to take risks this year, donning a pink cotton Dolce & Gabbana suit to the Grammy Awards on Monday night, where he was nominated for both best new artist and best country album. His stylist Lee Moore (who also works with Luke Bryan) gives the scoop on the suit that has everyone talking.

What was the inspiration for Sam's look?

There was no inspiration at all. I was looking for Grammy red-carpet-worthy suits and this is a very tricky time of year. Grammys is always very tricky because of it being so early in the year and you’re stuck between seasons and deliveries. And there's really very little out there to pick from. Sam is big and athletic; he’s not a sample size, so I do have to wait for the real clothes to arrive in the stores. So yeah, it was just a matter of almost at this very last minute Dolce & Gabbana receiving this shipment and there was something amazing that had Sam’s name on it.

Did you have to convince him to wear it?

Not at all! I had an appointment with Dolce & Gabbana the day before my fitting. They had just opened the box. The suit came I want to say in pink and maybe one other color, I forget, maybe yellow. But anyway, here’s this pink suit and I could just see Sam wearing it. It’s exactly the sort of suit he would respond to. I wasn’t 100 percent sure he would like it but I was 99-and-a-half percent sure he would. Sam’s not into rules. He does not follow fashion rules. He goes with his gut, he’s very curious and open to trying things, and if he puts it on and he feels good in it, he’s going to wear it. That’s it, it’s going to happen.

How many suits did he try on before this one?

Not very many, maybe three.

THINK PINK: Sam Hunt on the 2016 Grammys red carpet. (Photo: Getty Images)

What made you guys want to keep accessories minimal?

Sam is not a big accessories guy, really. I mean I don’t remember when he’s worn a tie. I don’t know why he doesn’t like ties, he just doesn’t wear ties. It’s a Tom Ford shirt and it had a very interesting sort of hidden button-down collar that made the collar stand up in this very beautiful shape. And I think he just looks at it and says, 'That’s enough, this is nice.'

Of all the looks you’ve styled for him, is this a favorite?

I would definitely say this is my favorite, I loved it. What I really loved about it is the response that it’s gotten because everybody's talking about it and it seems like it made everybody happy. It was fun and happy and it's something he had fun with and his fans seemed to really like it and enjoyed seeing him in it. I love when what a client wears on the red carpet goes one step beyond looking great, and actually gets people talking. That it actually has influence, because ultimately that’s the best thing, you know. That, for a stylist, is a win. When people call you and want to talk about it the next day — c’mon, that’s great!

What is your general philosophy as a stylist on men wearing pink?

I think there’s always been a conversation about men in pink. I personally think it’s a very masculine color. It’s not something you see very often on a red carpet. Red-carpet suits, most of them are black, and I love black more than anything. I love black more than pink. But if you find an amazing pink suit, wear the pink suit.