Sam Shepard Helps Uncover Clues in Clip From Final Film, 'Never Here'

The late actor and Mireille Enos' characters talk about a troubling experience in a scene from the movie.

Sam Shepard died in July, from complications related to ALS, but the acclaimed actor and playwright can now be seen in his final film, the psychological thriller Never Here.

Shepard stars with Mireille Enos in the indie — currently in select theaters and on iTunes, Amazon, Vudu and Google Play — written and directed by Camille Thoman in her narrative feature debut.

The film follows Enos' Miranda Fall, an installation artist whose secret lover (Shepard) witnesses a stranger assaulting a woman. To cover for Shepard's Paul Stark, Miranda tells the police she saw the attack alone and gives the police a description of the suspect based on what Paul saw. She also begins to create a new piece of work based on the crime she didn't see.

In the above clip, Miranda and Paul talk about a troubling experience she had as she tells him that one of the men in the police lineup showed up at her gallery and that the victim was in her house days earlier. Paul expresses concern that the guy in the lineup followed her from the police station, adding "You know, some of these guys are real criminals. It could've been the guy that assaulted her."

He then wonders aloud what Miranda's trying to accomplish with her piece as someone calls to him.

Never Here co-stars Goran Visnjic and Vincent Piazza. The Hollywood Reporter's review says, "Never Here wears the outer clothes of a crime thriller to cloak a more haunting, disturbing, open-ended rumination on voyeurism and identity."