Sam Smith Blames His Royal-Family Gaffe on 'Downton Abbey'

"My issue is that I watch too much 'Downton Abbey.'"

Sam Smith stopped by The Tonight Show yesterday ahead of his SNL appearance with Disclosure this weekend, and as one would expect, he had some appropriately festive anecdotes to share with host Jimmy Fallon.

First, they discussed Smith's minor gaffe when meeting England's royal family — his bow was, well, a little dramatic. "My issue is that I watch too much Downton Abbey," said Smith. "You get instructions: They say you've got to bow with one arm behind your back. If someone tells you to bow — I properly went for it!" Fallon, naturally, had a picture on hand of Smith bowing deeply when meeting a somewhat-confused Prince William.

Smith also spoke about his upcoming "sabbatical," which he's hoping will help with his songwriting (and maybe lead him to a new beau). "All my music is so insanely personal that I need to step away from everything, date a little bit and see my family. ... So I can be inspired to write some more music," he told Fallon.

Watch his interview below.

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