Samantha Bee Uses Penis Metaphor to Insult Trump's Proposed Budget Cuts

She also says that after the London attack, "this is not playtime now" and criticizes Trump for not having better counterterrorism advisers.

Samantha Bee made fun of President Donald Trump's recent budget proposal on her Wednesday show, pointing out that even Republicans aren't categorically supporting his plan.

She said that his budget is being described as a "hard power budget" and remarked that cutting things down to boost defense spending reminds her of something. "This kind of sounds like when an insecure guy tries to make his penis look bigger by shaving down everything else around it," said Bee on TBS' Full Frontal.

Budget director Mick Mulvaney was in her crosshairs as well after saying that the budget is about re-prioritizing spending like any family would do. "Families routinely tweak their budgets by canceling their kids' education, throwing out their books and medicine, selling their smoke detectors and redirecting all their money to guns, ammo and a moat stocked with alligators," she said dryly.

She said his proposal reveals something very important about him: that he has no "f—ing clue what he's doing. Surprise!"

Bee also spoke about Trump's plan to fight ISIS. She brought up how during the campaign Trump swore he knew more about the group than the generals do, and how he waited 60 days before unveiling the military's proposed plan to fight ISIS.

The Full Frontal host played clips of people comparing Trump's plan to Obama's, saying it sounded very similar. "Maybe the generals were too hungry to think of new ideas. Is that why you gave them the Meals on Wheels budget?" joked Bee.

She highlighted how Trump often repeats the words of Dr. Sebastian Gorka, who speaks about counterterrorism as a guest on Hannity and was recently named a "deputy assistant" to Trump.

"How the heck did he get promoted from Breitbart panic blogger to presidential national security adviser?" asked Bee.

"This is not playtime now," Bee said, showing images of London's terrorist attack from this week. "Shit is real. And the White House needs real counterterrorism experts, not a poor man's Stewie Griffin, whose extremist nonsense could get people killed."

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