Samantha Bee and Glenn Beck Find Common Ground Against Trumpism in "Strange Bedfellows" Segment

"I watch you. I believe you actually don't want to do damage," Beck told Bee. "As a guy who has done damage, I don't want to do anymore damage."

Samantha Bee invited Glenn Beck on Full Frontal in an effort to reach across the aisle, wear Christmas sweaters and get to know somebody with a completely different audience than her own.

"Glenn and I put on our Christmas sweaters and got to work on healing the nation," said Bee in her introduction, where she talked about how Beck has recently been reaching out to the media to "apologize for his previous weirdness."

During the segment on Monday's show, Beck and Bee talked about how much their audiences hate each other, with Beck saying his audience wants to stab Bee "relentlessly in the eye," and Bee saying her audience will want to kill her for "normalizing a lunatic such as yourself."

"You've said a lot of crazy bullshit," said Bee. "Even if all you said for the rest of your life were reasonable things, I feel like you have still earned a permanent side eye with [my audience]." Beck said while he doesn't like that, he thinks it's a rational conclusion.

"I think that our future is going to require a broad coalition of non-partisan decency," Bee said, explaining why she asked Beck to appear on her show. She added that it's not about individuals against Donald Trump, it's about "all of us against Trumpism."

"I watch you, I believe you actually don't want to do damage. As a guy who has done damage, I don't want to do anymore damage," said Beck. "I know what I did. I helped divide. I'm willing to take that."

The conservative host has been an outspoken critic of Trump.

He says his message to Bee is to not make the same mistakes he made. He wants people to see the "human on the other side" and not tear each other apart out of divisiveness.  

He did tease Bee that she's adopted a lot of his "catastrophe traits," proving his point by asking her, "Do you believe there's a chance we fall into a dictatorship under Donald Trump. Do you believe there's a chance we lose our freedom of speech and freedom of the press under this president?"

Bee called it one of the strangest days she's ever had and acknowledged that Beck seemed to be a "deeply sincere and decent person." They held each others' hands and then enjoyed a "strange bedfellows" cake, eating each other's icing heads.