Samantha Bee Discovers Many Iraqi Kurds Love Donald Trump

Positive Field Piece August 2, 2017 -Samantha Bee TBS -Screen shot-H 2017
Courtesy of Samantha Bee/TBS

The 'Full Frontal' host went to Iraqi Kurdistan and found a family who calls their baby son "Trump."

Samantha Bee traveled to the Kurdistan region of Iraq and unexpectedly stumbled upon a slew of Trump fans.

"They love Trump," Bee said in surprise, after speaking to multiple Kurds about the current president. “Are we in the middle of making Samantha Bee’s first, and probably last ever, Trump-positive field piece?” she asked.

Bee said many of the people she interviewed appreciated Trump because he directly armed the Kurds to fight against ISIS. She was still doubtful, wondering aloud if the Kurds "are aware that President Four Loko is just using them as mercenaries in the war against ISIS."

The Full Frontal host asked for opinions on Trump. One man said, "He is a competent leader, not just for America. The whole world needs a Trump."

Bee said she wasn't confident Trump is aware of "what the Kurds are all about."

But one of the men she was speaking with responded, "We are very, very sure that Trump understands the Kurdish nation."

Bee added, "If the one good thing that comes out of the Trump presidency is that he makes the Kurds feel hopeful about their state, that’s one more good thing than I anticipated."

She found one father who has been calling his son "Trump" since the day he was born. Why? "Well, he is angry, very angry, just like him," explained the father with a smile. Baby Trump's mother said, "He beats us with his fists."

While in Iraq, Bee also met a "Bernie bro" whom she enjoyed speaking with so much, she sang a song for him.

"I had to come across the world to meet a Bernie bro who would talk to me without calling me a bitch or a shrill c—, so thank you so much sir," she crooned.

Bee sang another number on Full Frontal on Wednesday. She and her colleagues performed a parody musical about Kris Kobach as a "racist Music Man," after a segment focusing on his time as a lawyer fighting against illegal immigration.

Hamilton's Javier Muñoz made an appearance in the spoof as well.