Why Samantha Bee Is Getting Tired of Shocking Headlines

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"I hope that I never lose my capacity to be shocked, but I will say it’s getting tiresome how shocked I’m getting all the time," the TBS comedian said during a panel chat.

About an hour before Samantha Bee walked on the red carpet for a panel discussion about Full Frontal with Samantha Bee at New World Stages in New York City on Tuesday night, the latest bombshell news dropped about President Donald Trump and Russia. 

"I hope that I never lose my capacity to be shocked, but I will say it’s getting tiresome how shocked I’m getting all the time," Bee told The Hollywood Reporter. "I really would love to have a peaceful day. I’m really hoping to have one of those in the next four years."

"I'm just tired of Trump!" she says. "The night before the election I was like, 'I'll never have to talk about Donald Trump again.' I will never have to say these words again. My amazing prediction was that they were going to launch Trump TV some time in the future and then we would talk about him again but in the context of his hilarious news network, and here we are."

At the panel, which was hosted by journalist Virginia Heffernan and also featured the show's correspondents Ashley Nicole Black, Mike Rubens and Allana Harkin, and producers Alison Camillo and Pat King, Bee revealed that she looked to King on election night to tell her that it was going to be OK, and there was a distinct moment she remembers when he told her that it wasn’t going to be OK.

While there were plenty of laughs throughout the panel, there was definitely a more somber energy in the room, as Heffernan opened with a question about the deluge of the news cycle.

"I'm 47 years old, and I really just don’t give a shit anymore," Bee told the audience, then added "I'm so fatigued by the news today."

Harkin, who first met Bee when they were in Toronto-based, all-female sketch troupe The Atomic Firewalls in the late '90s, started tweeting immediately after she heard the latest political news. "I had to at least fire out some tweets so I could soothe my soul!"

Harkin told THR before the event, "Right now any time you walk away from your phone something happens. It's a little much."

Throughout the discussion, Heffernan played various clips from the show, including an unaired clip from "Not the White House Correspondents’ Dinner," which Bee hosted in Washington, D.C., at the end of April and which aired on TBS.

As the clip of Bee's interview with former President Barack Obama was being played, Harkin yelled, "This is too painful, turn it off," as Obama warned of the dangers of a Trump presidency in the pre-election conversation.

"Watching that clip makes my heart hurt, like actually hurt," said Bee.

Harkin added: "I miss having a President with a sense of humor."

"I miss having a president who can read," Bee responded, referring to her season-one segment about the conspiracy that the president is illiterate. "We tried to tell people not to f—ing vote for Trump, and they did it anyway!"

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