Samantha Bee Reveals "Audition Tape" for 'Cats': "I'm a Perfect Fit"

Courtesy of Turner

On her latest show, the 'Full Frontal' host contributes to the canon of online jokes about the upcoming Tom Hooper musical.

Less than a week after the latest Cats trailer inspired countless online jokes and memes, Samantha Bee crafted her own extended parody of the upcoming adaptation of the commercially successful, critically reviled '80s musical.

On Wednesday's Full Frontal, the host revealed her "audition tape" for the Tom Hooper-directed film, which stars Taylor Swift, James Corden, Idris Elba, Jennifer Hudson, Rebel Wilson, Jason Derulo, Ian McKellen and Judi Dench, in a video with a glossy DVD featurette aesthetic. "Yeah, I was surprised to see the Cats trailer this weekend. I sent in my audition tape. I felt very confident about it," she says at the top of the spot.

Outfitted in a black leotard with face-paint whiskers, Bee hisses and stretches around a dance studio over the course of the "audition." "I'm a perfect fit for Cats the musical, the movie. I'm a mezzo soprano, 30 years of dance training, not what they teach you in schools," she says in a voiceover. "There's just a language of a cat that I understand with my tool."

Bee, who often tackles politics and justice issues on her TBS late-night show, threaded 2019's social climate into her spoof. "There are just so many horrors in today's world; it just makes you ask the question, 'What is important?' And the answer is: a movie about a bunch of trash cats competing for who gets to die." (The Cats musical follows the "Jellicle" tribe of cats on the night they choose the one cat who is allowed to be reincarnated.)

The video also contains a joke about Corden's involvement in the musical. "Maybe they were just too cowardly to let a late-night host be a cat on the silver screen," she speculates in the video, after which an off-camera producer reminds her that the Late Late Show's host is starring.

Watch Bee's "audition" below.