Samantha Bee Reveals How Roger Ailes' Exit Was Actually His Ultimate Fantasy

Full Frontal Samantha Bee Screenshot Roger Ailes H 2016
ScreenShot/Full Frontal with Samantha Bee/YouTube

The 'Full Frontal' host relishes the fact that Ailes has left Fox News, only to be let down when faced with the prospect of the powerful former executive joining Donald Trump's campaign.

Samantha Bee gave Roger Ailes a scathing goodbye in a Full Frontal segment focusing on his exit from Fox News.

Bee talked about the sexual harassment lawsuit filed by Gretchen Carlson and the report that Megyn Kelly also alleged sexual misconduct by Ailes, both of which took place before Ailes stepped down.

“Congratulations, Roger, you’ve finally achieved your ultimate fantasy," said Bee, gearing up for her punchline, "Getting fed by two gorgeous employees at the same time.”

The Full Frontal host didn't stop there, she went on to criticize the network Ailes has built up.

"Now, for those of you who aren’t forced to watch it for your comedy jobs, Fox News is the only 24-hour news network to feature a strategically placed leg cam to showcase the most qualified body parts of its female contributors," said Bee. She also mocked the show Outnumbered, describing it as "a daily women’s show trading on the titillating tension between owning a harem and fear of emasculation."

"So yeah, turns out the guy who runs that network is kind of a creep," said Bee. "Who would have guessed?”

Bee said Ailes' success can be attributed to figuring out that "what viewers really want is to be furiously angry, while also having a boner."

"Fox News was his masterpiece, a right-wing nightmare factory powered by white resentment and relentless misinformation, churning out propaganda 24/7 and making family Thanksgivings unbearable for 20 years,” said Bee.

She then relishes the fact that Ailes has left, only to be let down when faced with the prospect of Ailes joining Trump's campaign.