Samantha Bee Spoofs Project Veritas Sting Operation Aimed at Washington Post

Full Frontal_Sting Interview - Publicity - H 2017
Screengrab/Full Frontal with Samantha Bee

The late-night show took a spin on the bizarre Jaime Phillips interview with a Washington Post reporter.

In light of a recent "sting" operation targeting — and reported by — The Washington Post, Samantha Bee has now revealed her own "undercover sting."

The Post reported that a women named Jaime Phillips met with reporters and falsely accused Roy Moore, candidate for U.S. Senate in Alabama, of impregnating her when she was 15 years old. According to the Post, it turned out that Phillips actually worked for Project Veritas, an organization known for its controversial undercover sting operations aimed at liberal groups and the mainstream news media. A video recording of Phillips' meeting with one of the reporters was posted online by the Post.

The Full Frontal With Samantha Bee host took the opportunity to satirize the story — and the video — on her show.

The segment, which appears to look like a legitimate interview, shows Bee interviewing a prospective male employee who has inconsistencies in his background information.

Bee, who questions the man’s motives, also mentions that the interview is being recorded before proceeding to ask him what made him apply for the job, to which he responds, "It's like I said, I saw that show, you did that one time on the television, and I took all 37 UCB improvisation classes, and thought maybe you would hire me, and bring me onto your staff."

Bee immediately gasps at his answer and then asks if she is “being Project Veritased.”

Watch the segment, and the Post's original video, below.