Samantha Bee, 'Full Frontal' Producer Talk Tackling Trump Travel Ban With Djibouti Field Piece

Samantha Bee attends PaleyFest NY - Getty - H 2018
Monica Schipper/Getty

During a question-and-answer session at Wednesday's taping, Bee said she hopes the segment about Yemeni families will bring attention to the “wildly underreported” situation.

Samantha Bee has established Full Frontal as a place where hilarious jokes and hard-hitting journalism go hand in hand, and on Wednesday night's episode, Bee proved that to be true with her latest field piece from Djibouti.

Bee and producer Razan Ghalayini traveled to East Africa, where they spoke with human rights lawyer Diala Shamas about the waiver process for visas under President Trump’s travel ban. The team also spoke with four Yemeni families who are stuck in the country, waiting for waivers, which seem to be given out arbitrarily.

Shamas and a local fixer helped the team find the families, and Ghalayini noted it took some convincing to get people to participate.

"We went around and talked to everyone and tried to figure out who had a sense of humor and wasn't going to run away when we showed up," she said during a question and answer session at the taping Wednesday. She noted that the women in niqabs (a type of veil that covers most of the face) were particularly difficult to convince, but Bee wanted to make sure they were represented.

"They're conservative and they're shy and it's a really personal story," Bee said. "It's integral to their life happiness to find a resolution to the story. It takes a lot of convincing. It takes a lot of work to make people feel like they're safe to talk to you on camera to feel like you're going to do the best job that you can with their story."

When asked how she hopes field segments like this will make an impact, Bee responded that she hopes this will bring attention to the "wildly underreported" situation.

The episode also included a segment called "DHS Purge" about former Secretary of Homeland Security Kirstjen Nielsen's firing. Bee joked that Sarah Paulson would likely win an Emmy for her performance in the eventual American Crime Story miniseries, and that Nielsen will probably be fine now because she looks like every other blonde, white woman, including Bee.

There was also a segment about Kellyanne Conway’s husband George Conway's outspoken tweets against Trump, and Bee posited that maybe the couple got off on the in-fighting, calling it "50 Cons of Way."

Finally, Bee introduced her latest guest, who will be joining her at the Not the White House Correspondents’ Dinner on April 26: Sarah Hucka-bot Sanders, a trashcan robot who monitors appropriate humor. At the taping, Bee's team also handed out shirts that said "Free Press" and "Free Speech" in anticipation of the event.