Samantha Bee Tears Into Trump's "Not a Muslim Ban" on 'Full Frontal'


“I won’t mention that this refugee ban is immoral, embarrassing and inhuman. I’ll just point out that it is the act of a giant pussy,” said the host.

Full Frontal host Samantha Bee took on the Muslim ban (or the "not a Muslim ban") and President Trump's Supreme Court nominee. 

Earlier in the day, she teased the segment on Twitter: "Sometimes when a shitstorm rolls in over the weekend, you have to throw out your entire show & write a new one."

During her Wednesday show, Bee first addressed the reality show-like press conference Trump held on Tuesday to announce Neil Gorsuch as his pick for Supreme Court nominee. "With the stately grace and smooth competence we’ve come to expect from this administration," Bee began, "Trump scrambled his Thursday SCOTUS announcement to Tuesday." 

“Nice misdirection, Criss Angel, but you can’t shake your keys and distract us from the mess you made,” she said, referring to Friday’s executive order and immigration ban that Bee joked the president signed with his “polygraph malfunction of a signature."

Calling the order “the of Islamophobia, the Ford Pinto of intolerance,” she slammed the ban, but added, "the important thing to remember is this is in no way a Muslim ban — ‘wink.'" 

"Trump’s bullshitters also offered a unified, calming message to the country: 'Suck on a chill pill, losers!’" she said of the "not a Muslim ban."

After a lesson on the difference between immigrants and refugees, she outlined the executive order, or “the executive hairball that Trump’s team coughed up for him to sign” that bans refugees for 120 days or longer.

“I won’t mention that this refugee ban is immoral, embarrassing and inhuman. I’ll just point out that it is the act of a giant pussy,” she concluded. “Here is a man who’s afraid of germs, stairs, books, unprocessed food, women, birds, Muslims, Russian pee tapes, inner cities and, of course, strong winds. But he can’t recognize the courage of people who survived literal war zones to come to a new country, start over with nothing and keep going each day despite the contempt with which we’re horrible enough to treat them."

"You want a Muslim ban? We know you do, so say it already,” she said to Trump. “Own your pointless cruelty. That is why America voted for you … except for the majority of America that didn’t.”  

In a Facebook live video earlier in the night, she discussed the firing of acting Attorney General Sally Yates. "She knew her statement would get her fired just like most women expect to get fired upon publicly speaking their minds. It was the language of the firing that sent a chill down people's spines," she said, particularly speaking of Trump's memo that said she "betrayed" him for not defending his executive order. 

"More than experience or knowledge," Bee added, "the one quality that has mattered for Trump's hires is how quickly they can say 'yes' to him."