Samantha Bee Urges People to Vote, Not Just Resist Via Protests

"It's not enough just to yell your opinions — that's my job. You need to vote!"

Samantha Bee checked in with the #Resistance on Wednesday night's Full Frontal.

The talk show host said there have been so many marches and protests lately she's "surprised Lululemon hasn't come out with a line of $200 protest leggings."

Liberals have been taking cues from the Tea Party, but Bee said the difference is Democrats fall short when it comes to voting.

The turnout for the L.A. mayoral election last week, for example, was a record low. "Twelve percent? That's less than the percentage of Los Angeles that turned out to audition for the Mr. Belvedere reboot," exclaimed Bee. 

She offered up a suggestion for why L.A. residents may have forgotten the date of the election. "Well maybe they didn't get the memo because it wasn't pinned on a beautiful celebrity's pelvic bone," said Bee. She compared the number of people voting with how many people came out to the Women's March in January, which was an estimated 500,000 to 750,000.

"It's not enough just to yell your opinions — that's my job. You need to vote!" said the Full Frontal host.

She listed all the special congressional elections happening now around the country. "So pull on your Lululemon voting pants, hashtag resistance," said Bee. "There's only about a 30 percent chance this omni-shambles of a president will impeach himself by mistake. Otherwise it will take a Democratic Congress and I'm afraid you can't crotchet one of those."