Samantha Bee's Dad's Friends Think She Gets $25 for Every Hillary Clinton Mention

Courtesy of NBC

The 'Full Frontal' host also admitted to carving a message into John Oliver’s studio desk.

Samantha Bee addressed the conspiracy theory rumors surrounding her and former presidential candidate Hillary Clinton during her visit to Late Night With Seth Meyers on Monday.

“Your show, obviously, very hard on the president to a point that some people believe there is something shady going on. There’s a bit of a conspiracy theory out there about your show,” Meyers was quick to mention to the Full Frontal host.

“Yes, my dad has a lot of friends who think that — they have conspiracy theories about me,” Bee explained. “They think every time I mention Hillary Clinton, I get $25.” She jokingly added, “which I do, because we’re best friends,” referring to her one-time encounter with Clinton during a visit to Meyers’ show two years ago where they took a photograph together.

Meyers and Bee then proceeded to banter about how their political jokes are rumored to only be made for a money reward, rather than free observations that they come up with themselves. “It’s for a $25 per diem,” Bee joked.

After Meyers mentioned that Bee is like the “plumber who might actually fix the toilet,” because she only has one episode a week, Bee explained that it’s still difficult for her show to figure out what to cover with the high volume of news. “We get the fire hose in the face of feces as well,” she said, adding that her show is able to analyze everything for a couple of days before addressing anything.

Meyers also asked Bee for her thoughts on Michael Flynn's guilty plea deal, to which Bee explained, “It really is sad what passes for joy.”

Continuing to talk about her show, Bee also addressed how Full Frontal shares the same studio as John Oliver’s Last Week Tonight. “We never really cross paths that much, but I did actually…I did engrave something in his desk,” Bee revealed.

“I guess I was randomly holding a knife…as one does. Under his desk somewhere, it says, like ‘Sam Bee was here,'" she revealed, adding that Oliver has yet to know.