Same-Sex Marriage Law Could Mean Wedding Bells for Straight Hollywood Couples

Dax Shepard Kristen Bell Do Something Awards - P 2012
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Dax Shepard Kristen Bell Do Something Awards - P 2012

Some star-powered duos have stuck to their pro-gay principles -- others meant well, but reneged on their pledge.

Wedding bells may be ringing for more than just gay Hollywood in the wake of the Supreme Court's decision to strike down Prop 8, legalizing same-sex marriage in the state of California.

Kristen Bell marked the occasion by asking her fiancé (and father of her baby girl) Dax Shepard to finally tie the knot after four years of betrothal.

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"@daxshepard1 will you marry me? Xo," wrote Bell, to which her future husband replied, "F--- yes!!!"

See, Bell and Shepard said that they wouldn't make their union official until their gay friends could do the same.

"Once it's official and everybody stops appealing it the minute before it passes, we'll get married," the House of Lies star said on Larry King Now in August 2012.

But the future Mr. and Mrs. Shepard are hardly alone. They join several other straight Hollywood couples -- and singles -- who have made similar pacts.

In 2006, longtime partners Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie made clear that they would not tie the knot until all couples could, with the actor telling Esquire that "Angie and I will consider tying the knot when everyone else in the country who wants to be married is legally able." And while Pitt did put a ring on it in 2012, the duo has yet to make it down the aisle.

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Sarah Silverman made her stance known via Twitter back in 2010, slamming those straight couples who wed prior to marriage equality.

"Just a suggestion: Boycott marriage until it's legal 4 everyone," she wrote. "If u marry in this climate u are against equal rights."

Charlize Theron has said that she opposes the institution of marriage as a whole, but expressed disdain for the government dictating that decision for others.

"It's a divine right, and when government starts to tell us who can love and what is good love… I do have a problem with that," she told Piers Morgan in 2011. "I do have a problem with the fact that our government hasn't stepped up enough to make this federal, to make [gay marriage] legal."

Jason Mraz popped the question to Tristan Prettyman in 2010, but told Us Weekly that they weren't quite ready to follow through.

"The wedding would be nice for our family, our friends, our community -- our moms especially -- and so it puts us in the fight. We can't get married until [gay] marriage is legal and equal… I think giving people the right to marry will be a huge movement in civil rights," he said. However, the duo has since called off their engagement.

But not every star in favor of marriage-for-all has stuck to their guns. Natalie Portman, Howard Stern and Jodie Sweetin have all, at one time or another, said they'd swear off the nuptials until same-sex couples had the same rights.

Their statuses: Married, married and separated (from her third husband), respectively.