Sampling of fanboy comments on 'Star Wars' 3D release


After it was revealed that George Lucas will rereleasing the "Star Wars" franchise in new 3D conversions beginning in 2012, fans took to the Internet to express their opinions. Here's a sampling from THR, Digg, Facebook and AICN (bad punctuation included):

Dalton: “Lucas was ‘waiting for there to be enough screens available?’ There were enough screens to satisfy today’s demand for a 3D version of ‘Phantom Menace’ in 1902.”

SHADO 1980: “Forget making the visuals 3D. Make the damn characters 3D.”

Mr. Milk: “Lucas is really milking these films, what’s next a black & white silent release? How about coming up with some new films George?”

BetterThanYou: “I know certain people who have seen footage from this in 3D already. This won’t disappoint.”

aclaudon: “As a fan, I think this sucks. As a dad I’m so happy my 2 kids will enjoy the theatre experience as I did!”

Gerry Rouse: “BRING IT ON.....let the Force be with me!!!!”

Nicholas Little: “with the average 3D ticket price in the year 2010 being say 13-15 bucks (depending upon the theater chain), one could only imagine the price jumping to about 15-17 dollars per 3D ticket by the time 2012 rolls around. … so that would be like 90 dollars to see all 6 films in “glorious 3D” … lets hope that the predictions that the end of the world will come in 2012 before these movies are released again so we can keep our 90 dollars … nice try lucas and fox … nice try”

Longshorttrader: “Wow. So two awesome movies, one pretty good movie, the three pieces of crap in 3D? I'm in.”

mmike855: “If I could make that Chewbacca sound, I would.”

darth mayhem: “Leia, bikini, 3d. Period.”