Samsung Changes Galaxy Tablet Design to Get Around German Ban

Galaxy Tab

Galaxy Tab

Apple claims Samsung’s devices copies its iPad.

COLOGNE, Germany – Samsung Electronics said it has redesigned its new Galaxy Tablet to get around a sales ban of the device in Germany. Samsung said the new version of its 10.1 inch Galaxy Tablet could be in German stores as early as this weekend.

Apple claims Samsung’s original design “slavishly” copied that of its best-selling iPad and secured a preliminary sales injection for the device in Germany.

Speaking to Reuters, a Samsung spokesman said the company altered the design of the tablet’s frame and the location of the speaker. The Galaxy Tab 7.7 has also been renamed Galaxy Tab 10.1 N.

"We modified the model to reflect Apple's claims," the spokesman said.

A German court in September granted Apple a temporary sales injunction against Samsung, ruling that the design of the Galaxy Tab was too close to the iPad.

Germany is one of a series of retail battlegrounds in the global Apple-Samsung tablet wars. Apple has also secured injunctions against some Samsung devices in Australia and the Netherlands and is trying to block sales of certain Samsung products in the U.S. as well. Last month, Samsung changed the design of three of its smartphones to get around a sales ban in the Netherlands – also the result of Apple patent violation claims. In Australia, the courts have agreed to fast-track Samsung’s appeal of the sale injunction there.

Samsung has also responded by filing for sales bans of its own against Apple’s iPhone 4S in France, Italy, Australia and Japan.