CES 2012: Samsung Unveils OLED 3D TV, Galaxy Note, and Galaxy Tab 7.7

Galaxy Tab

Galaxy Tab

Samsung reported that its TVs “will get smarter each year” with a new evolution kit.

LAS VEGAS—Samsung’s jam packed CES press conference included a preview of its TV technology with voice and gestural control.

The company’s Smart TV line for 2012—half of which will be 3D capable—are highlighted by a 55-inch Super OLED TV and its ES8000 LED TV.

The company is additionally developing TV technology that includes voice and motion control as well as face recognition.

Samsung is aiming to future proof its technology, announcing that “our Smart TVs will get smarter each year” without the need to purchase a new display.

To that end, Samsung announced an “Evolution Kit,” with new hardware and software each year that will allow consumers to grow the features and performance of their Samsung display.

At CES, Samsung Mobile is billing its new Galaxy Note as a new type of smartphone. Coming to AT&T, the Galaxy Note is 4G LTE-enabled, features a 5.3-inch HD super AMOLED display and supports a control technology, called the S Pen—which appears ready for use in a similar manner to a pen with the device as a pad of paper.

Samsung also revealed its next tablet, the 4G LTE-enabled Galaxy Tab 7.7 with Verizon Wireless, which will be available in the coming weeks. It features a 720p HD AMOLED display, is less than half an inch thick and weighs roughly half a pound.